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Re: battle-plan for 2.5 development

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: battle-plan for 2.5 development
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 2004 14:14:07 +0100
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Ralph Little wrote:
Undeniably the mass market at the moment would look to be using Windoze
as a platform.
If we could see an end to dependance on Cygwin, that would (partly) open
the door to mass acceptance of Lilypond by the general public.
Certainly if, as Erik says it could be boxed up for one-step
installation so that the Cygwin layer were packaged up with it, novice
users would find it more acceptable.

I did try to install Cygwin once in the past just to see what it was
like and it was clunky to say the least.

Really? I've experienced many Windows programs that are much more
tricky to install than cygwin. I think that the actual installation
is a minor problem compared to the mental steps going from mouse
based windows programs to the text based input of LilyPond.
Now when you can simply double-click on a file to process it, most
windows users will only need to open the cygwin command window when
they have upgraded LilyPond and have to run convert-ly.

I know that feature requests shouldn't go to this mailing thread, but
how about adding an option in the right-click menu to run convert-ly
on the file?

Ordinary users just don't want that hassle. A lot of issues raised on
the users groups seem to be related to Cygwin and getting it up and


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