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Re: Snippets status (was Re: input/new status?)

From: John Mandereau
Subject: Re: Snippets status (was Re: input/new status?)
Date: Thu, 03 Jan 2008 21:32:34 +0100

Le jeudi 03 janvier 2008 à 15:10 +0100, Valentin Villenave a écrit :
> I don't have much time right now but we should really discuss the tag
> names, now than I've tagged all the snippets.

My only request about tag names is that they are named in a uniform way,
for instance words separated by spaces, with the first letter of the
first word uppercase, and the rest downcase, with the exception of some
generic tags. Hence, I'd like to rename the following tags:

- generic tags; rename to:
"docs", "really cool", "really simple" (without underscore), "real
music", "workaround", "version-specific", and "correction
wanted" (without dash).

- add spaces and keep only first letter of first word uppercase:
SchemeLanguage -> Scheme language

- make first letter uppercase? (I'm not sure about these, are they
generi tags?)

After GDP reorg, I also wonder how useful is SpecificNotation; it looks
like it contains a "heteroclite" set of 15 snippets.  May we deprecate

Sebastiano has added me as a LSR editor, but I won't change/rename any
tags until you agree on the names.

>  I can't say I'm really
> comfortable with the tag drop-down ERW menus, so let's think about any
> way we can make it more user-friendly

You're certainly right; what about a box with a bunch of checkboxes box
with all tags? (see attached picture).

I have no experience in user interfaces, and I don't have time to
investigate, so I can't help coding here.

> (I'm afraid this implies keeping some spaces in tag names, for instance).

Don't you rather mean dropping spaces in tag names?  I definitely think
tag names with spaces like I proposed above are more legible.


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