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Re: reverted automatic-verison-number

From: Graham Percival
Subject: Re: reverted automatic-verison-number
Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2008 12:09:04 -0800

On Wed, 27 Feb 2008 12:07:43 +0100
John Mandereau <address@hidden> wrote:

> Le mardi 26 f__vrier 2008 __ 11:50 -0800, Graham Percival a __crit :
> > This does solve another problem, though: the templates (with
> > LSR-import) don't have any version numbers, so we might be able to
> > use this to add version numbers to them.
> The @version macro I wanted to add is pure Texinfo, so we can't use it
> directly for ly snippets.  Lilypond-book avatar used for building docs
> is not compiled and thus is not aware of LilyPond version, so we can't
> ask lilypond-book to interpret @version either.

I wasn't talking about that; I was just going to do
@end example

Anyway, here's a much more useful bug log failure.  makeinfo --html
appears to work perfectly, but texi2pdf fails.  (?!?!)

Both programs are from texinfo 4.11, self-compiled:

p236-194:~/usr/src/lilypond/Documentation/user gperciva$ makeinfo
--version makeinfo (GNU texinfo) 4.11
p236-194:~/down gperciva$ texi2pdf --version
texi2dvi (GNU Texinfo 4.11) 1.104

Macports now contains texinfo 4.11, so I could try removing my
manually-compiled version and installing that one, if you think it
might help.

Attached is a log showing the first breakage in the complete build log,
and a diff which produces the breakage.

- Graham

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