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Re: Build failure with Scheme (again)

From: Valentin Villenave
Subject: Re: Build failure with Scheme (again)
Date: Sat, 26 Apr 2008 13:11:27 +0200

2008/4/26 Nicolas Sceaux <address@hidden>:

> > Valentin is already working on giving
> > define-builtin-markup-command an extra argument for "category",

Hmm, I'm not anymore right now; I'm waiting to see where this thread
is going... :)

> > I don't know precisely what Han-Wen and Mats were talking about,
> > though; it's beyond my understanding of the lilypond internals.

The point is: currently, many user-tweakable properties are left
undocumented. i realized that when I implemented \rounded-box: I made
up a new property named corner-radius, but I realized that it couldn't
be documented properly (without causing the Scheme build breakage this
thread was originally about).

>  Then the generated documentation would be:
>     Used properties:
>        thickness (0.1)
>        font-size (0)
>        baseline-skip (2)

This looks perfect!

>  While I'm at it, I was proposing to implement the category thing.

You're welcome; the question was also whether to give the category as
an optional argument to define-builtin-markup-command or to force
developers to specify a category (as a mandatory arg).

You can see the result of my first draft here:

The related discussion is here:

The current list of possible categories is:

- basic (aka "basic formatting" or "common formatting commands")
- align (aka "aligining text")
- graphic (aka "grphical notation inside markup", e.g. \postscript
\triangle and the like)
- music ("music notation inside markup" e.g. \score, \musicglyph etc)

then there was your markup-list commands (aka "Multi-page markups");
however our last conversation on -user-fr made me realize that it
might be convenient to create a new category for top-level markups:

- toplevel (here we'd better put all commands that don't work inside a
\score block, e.g. \fill-line, \wordwrap, \justify-string etc.)

Graham, Mats, any thoughts?


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