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Re: centering of instrument names

From: Carl D. Sorensen
Subject: Re: centering of instrument names
Date: Fri, 22 May 2009 17:38:57 -0600

On 5/22/09 4:46 PM, "Neil Puttock" <address@hidden> wrote:

> 2009/5/20 Francisco Vila <address@hidden>:
>> 2009/5/20 Francisco Vila <address@hidden>:
>>> The key code is this. Given a (big) amount of time I could figure out
>>> how it works and try to improve it.
>> Maybe it's not that easy. If the right padding is intended to put the
>> stencil to the rightmost side, the problem is that the extent of the
>> brace (if any) is unknown at this moment.
> The InstrumentName has to be attached to the left edge of the
> VerticalAxisGroup (i.e., the Staff), so the only way to position it is
> to apply padding on its right hand side; this moves it away from the
> system.  In order to prevent collisions between instrument names and
> PianoStaff braces, the system start delimiters are added as
> side-support-elements of each InstrumentName, thus leading to a
> variation in support extents depending on where each InstrumentName is
> attached to the system.
> I think the simplest way to deal with this is to split it into two parts:
> 1. Remove the side-support-elements so every InstrumentName has the
> same alignment anchor in the X-axis (i.e., the left edge of each
> stave).
> This is a simple matter of removing the acknowledger for
> system-start-text in the System_start_delimiter_engraver.
> 2. Calculate the combined extents of all the system start delimiters
> in a system, then apply an X-offset correction to each InstrumentName.
>  This ensures that there wil be no collisions between any
> InstrumentName and SystemStartBrace/Bracket/Bar/Square.
> Since we can access the System grob from the InstrumentName (via
> ly:grob-system), it's possible to retrieve the grob-array 'elements
> which will include all the system start delimiter grobs.  From the
> array we can cherry pick the delimiters by checking the interfaces
> list for system-start-delimiter-interface.  By uniting their
> horizontal extents it's possible to get an offset which represents the
> width of the set of delimiters attached to the most deeply nested
> stave.
> I've attached a proof of concept patch together with an image
> demonstrating left-, centre- and right-aligned instrument names.

The image looks great!

As far as the patch goes, I'm not sure why it's a proof-of-concept patch
instead of a real patch.  It looked fine to me.  But you usually examine
things with a finer-toothed comb than I do.


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