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Re: help wanted page

From: Ian Hulin
Subject: Re: help wanted page
Date: Sun, 22 Nov 2009 15:19:00 +0000
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Graham Percival wrote:
I've made a first draft of the "help us" page:

I'm not very happy with the result, but I can't put my finger on
precisely why.  Maybe it's that I've forgotten some ways that
people can help, without source code, or without compiling
stuff...?  Maybe it's just too wordy?  Maybe the OS-icons don't
really help, and only clutter up the page?

Opinions sought.

- Graham

Hi again, Graham,

"To get the source code, see Starting with git."
I've got problems with this here and in the CG. The reason is that You're making a lot of assumptions about potential contributers' experience

o Readers may not have done work on a large project before, so may not have come across a change control system before.

o Readers may not (yet) know that git is a flavour of change control software.

o If they haven't worked on a large project before, they may not have come across building and dependency control software outside of an IDE like Delphi or Visual Studio, where it's done by magic 'under the bonnet'. Familiarizing with make etc. will require a learning curve, let alone the baroque intricacies of stepmake, GUB, waf and all the rest.

o Somewhere (CG?) we need to spell out why the documenters and translators need source-code access. Most technical writers on software projects do not have to do this - they generally work from design/internals documentation and talk to developers if they need real details on how things work. In Lilypond we have a lot of stuff in the code that generates the internals documentation.



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