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Re: [frogs] Patch for Issue #830

From: Trevor Daniels
Subject: Re: [frogs] Patch for Issue #830
Date: Mon, 21 Dec 2009 08:45:10 -0000

Mark Polesky wrote Monday, December 21, 2009 1:42 AM

Trevor Daniels wrote:
Actually, I don't think rebase is mentioned in the CG.  I
can't see it on a quick trawl.  It should be, as a branch
should be rebased before a patch is generated from it if
master has been updated since the branch was created, else
inadvertent reverts might be included.

I'll have a closer look tomorrow to see what should be

Trevor, you should know that I might be restructuring the CG
quite a bit in the coming days...

No problem; git handles multiple changes.  However
you should always update master and rebase your
branch before pushing it - that way, if there are any
conflicts, you will see them and can deal with them
before attempting to push.

p.s. why are all these replies coming in twice?

Because they are sent to two lists and you are
subscribed to both.


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