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Re: critical issues

From: Łukasz Czerwiński
Subject: Re: critical issues
Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2012 15:18:18 +0100

Thanks for all answers.

On 8 January 2012 23:47, Janek Warchoł <address@hidden> wrote:
W dniu 8 stycznia 2012 10:11 użytkownik James <address@hidden> napisał:
Umm, guys, there are 629 open issues in the tracker, and we don't have
I can see now 632 issues to be precise and definitely it's not what I wanted to see...

"priority" field to sort them in any way.  I'm sure that Luke asked
for some concrete suggestions, and i think a good answer might be
(recent build and maintainability issues - important for improving
development workflow)

As I guess, the most critical bugs are those flagged as: Critical, so this list contains the most urgent ones, but probably those with regression are tough ones.

According to our motto the aim of LilyPond is "music engraving to
everyone" - i'd say it's a very good goal.  It would mean that a
person with average computer skills (like navigating a web browser and
using word processor) should be able to create very good engravings of
not-so-complicated music (e.g. Mozart's "Ave Verum").  I think we're
quite far from this goal; conductor of our choir didn't manage to
switch to LilyPond.

That's what I meant - apart from engraving, being friendly for a user (non-programmer / non-latex one) is a big plus and attracts people. I've attended Human Computer Interface classes and since then I try to remember constantly about the user friendliness in computer programs.
> Sibelius and Finale cost hundreds of pounds, LilyPond is free, there
> is no 'competition'. The output of LP in 99% of cases is much better
> out of the box than any of those packages can manage -

I know that they are expensive, but having an option to buy a "nice GUI Finale" and "a text editor that after typing many lines of magical incantations without seeing a single clef or note will eventually produce a PDF file", an "average computer user" will choose to pay. 
The definitions of Finale and Lilypond are not mine (I use Latex and terminal without problems) - but that how could thoughts of a standard user look like. 


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