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Re: Hebrew Lyrics

From: Aaron
Subject: Re: Hebrew Lyrics
Date: Tue, 03 Feb 2004 15:10:22 +0200
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Automation at run time no, but your letter made me think of a binary that would include the hacks . I see no problem for me to take a lilypond rpm and in a post install script have it configure it for hebrew. Then in the noteedit's configure script could have a switch for hebrew which would require that rpm/dep/tar....

Sorta stupid I know, what I was really waiting for was a discussion of encodings etc to popup and some sane way of dealing with internationalizations to be addressed.

If so, I'm afraid there is no real chance for an automatic generation.(?)

If there would be a hebrew lilypond then the actual entry would use just

language = "hebrew,english"

then when the file is exported to lilypond dump the hebrew hack into its place.

Again this way of acheiving hebrew was done ages ago and a lot has changed in 
the lilypond code.

Please if anyone has an easier way to do this please let me know.

Or do I comprehend this right: This:

is an alternative way. Instead of special LilyPond configuration I could also
use Unicode character coding and prepend the special directives from your page:

I have no idea boy I wish this were the case, but if it takes Unicode why would the scheme stuff be needed? I may be wrong it may need bidi support or calling freebidi.

Needless to say to get to the point of hebrew entry in Lilypond was no easy matter.

Would this also lead to successful generation of Hebrew texts ?

(Or at least partial generation of Hebrew texts ?)

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