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Help with \lyricsto and polyphony

From: Joshua Kwan
Subject: Help with \lyricsto and polyphony
Date: Sat, 11 Dec 2004 00:15:37 -0800
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Hello fellow Lilypond users,

I'm encountering a problem giving lyrics to polyphonic voices.

The soprano line for a song I'm scoring contains:

    << { d4 bf c2 d4 bf c } \\
    { bf4 f f2 bf4 f f } >>
    << { f' bf, c f, f' } \\
    { d f, bf d, d' } >>

When I add lyrics, using

        \context Lyrics {
            \lyricsto "soprano" \new Lyrics \sopranolyrics

The lyrics stop where the polyphony starts. I have been told that this
is because each polyphonic voice represents a different, anonymous
voice, and therefore is not processed by \lyricsto at all.

How can I tell Lilypond that (especially because each voice has the
exact same rhythm) the polyphonic voices should be treated as one when
processing lyrics?

Otherwise, what is the best way to name each subvoice? It doesn't make
intuitive sense to have to name each one.

The full .ly file is here:


Joshua Kwan

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