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Re: Notes in Key Sig

From: David Raleigh Arnold
Subject: Re: Notes in Key Sig
Date: Mon, 25 Apr 2005 20:16:34 -0400
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On Friday 22 April 2005 10:02 pm, Erik Sandberg wrote:
> Nice! I think something like this really could be useful for many 
> Some questions:
> - Do you have an example input file demonstrating most features (as a 
> tutorial)?

On my website. It's pretty bad. It's in the process of being
rewritten, glacially.

> - The copyright line is (legally) unclear. Copyright laws are pretty
> nasty. To be on the safe side, I'd recommend you to look at FSF's
> recommendations, see (you
> should at least provide some kind of link to the actual license
> text).

Yes, I should have a reference.  My only concern is that some
jerk might somehow contrive to make me pay him to use it.  I
think that possibility is remote.  You're right, nevertheless.

I used slyce and sly both to prepare
All of it is in two source files, and duets.lytex.
The songs with three voices are in sly at the bottom of the
file, the others above the score block.  I put it at:

The cool thing was that I could set betweensystemspace and
betweensystempadding for all the tunes at once.  The bad news is that
they don't work with lilypond book in 2.4.5, and I had to reduce the
font size to get decent pagination.  Definitely a huge step backward
for LilyPond, and very frustrating.  There is no way to reduce the
intrastaff space at all to be found in the manual.  There was plenty
of white in the file for me to get decent pagination if I had the
controls, but they've gone missing. betweensystempadding works with
lilypond, but not with lilypond-book.  They are needed more for
lilypond-book than for lilypond.  daveA

Practice pie charts, plans and schedules are good.
Practice logs, diaries and records are good.
When they fail, and they will, do another.
How else can repeated failure be a recipe for success?

The only technical exercises for all guitarists worth a lifetime
of practice: "Dynamic Guitar Technique".  Nothing else is close.
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daveA         David Raleigh Arnold

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