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Re: lay out

From: Aaron Mehl
Subject: Re: lay out
Date: Sat, 4 Jun 2005 12:47:25 -0700 (PDT)

Well this seems to imply: "forget being able to build
a lilypond file from scratch, you must start from a
template or all is lost."

Infact for the majority of my Lilypond experience I
relied on templates for creating scores.

What this did was limit my ability to make a score do
exactly what I wanted.

So in the 2.4 series lilypond I was eventually able to
create my own template. Still I was never exactly sure
why it worked and others I tried didn't...

An abstraction layer would be nice with a clearly
defined structure and it would also be nice to be able
to seperate content from formatting....

Although I don't care so much how Lilypond is
structured so long as I understand it and can
reproduce it, which I currently can't do consistantly.

I also haven't seen templates without the x=y
although I think I am close to getting it working in
the development version.


> %{The best way to proceed IMO is to comment the
> templates much more
> and then to grow the section from that.  Some of the
> examples in the
> docs could use more commenting too, especially
> labeling to show what
> in the text is referring to what in the example.%}
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