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Re: lyricsfont problem in lilypond 2.5.29 for windows

From: Bertalan Fodor
Subject: Re: lyricsfont problem in lilypond 2.5.29 for windows
Date: Tue, 14 Jun 2005 13:56:49 +0200
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You need a text editor that handles the UTF-8 encoding of characters,
and you must save your file in this encoding. Then you'll get your


> Downloaded the "new" native lilypond 2.5.29-2  and have been trying it
> out but I'm still resorting to my "old" 2.4.2 in Cygwin for serious
> editing. One problem I  have  run into in my try outs is  with the
> fonts for  lyrics.
> As a speaker of nordic tongues i.e. Swedish and Finnish I have need of
> the special forms for a and o ( i.e. å, ä and ö symbols). In the Old
> Lily2.4.2/ Cygwin these are no problem as I get them  whitout any
> special comands (as in words but not as in LaTex  which needs special
> comands to get these symbols). In the new  native lily I do'nt get
> them at all as the program only leavs them out. Is this a problem of
> fonts missing or a Bug/ project under dewelopement?   As this (at
> least fore me) is a severe drawback  in using the new  native one.
> Would be glad for help/ corection et.c.

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