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Re: Lilypond 2.6.1 on Gentoo: libstdc++

From: Martin Brodbeck
Subject: Re: Lilypond 2.6.1 on Gentoo: libstdc++
Date: Wed, 20 Jul 2005 08:19:11 +0200
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Daniel Johnson schrieb:

Hi Daniel,

first of all, thank you very much for your help.

> I took another look at your error message.  I think that if you scroll
> further up in your error messages, you'll find that there was a
> non-fatal error in processing a .ly file; this causes problems for
> texi2dvi later.  Also, have you explicitly disabled the "doc" USE flag
> for this?  I.e. added the following to /etc/portage/package.use:
> media-sound/lilypond -doc
> You can make sure by using the ask-verbose flag when emerging:
> emerge -av lilypond
> I could almost swear that somehow the "doc" USE flag is being set.

I would say yes, I am sure. I even commented the doc-stuff in the ebuild file out :) But I will have a look at it again. Maybe this was a mistake.

> Also, if you discover the failed processing of a .ly file, it is almost
> assuredly because of a problem with Guile 1.6.7.  If you want to try
> updating Guile to the CVS version, you can find instructions here:
> Just ignore steps 12-18, since the ebuild available from the Gentoo
> bugzilla handles that part for you.  You'll find that Lilypond builds
> much faster with the CVS Guile.

I will give it a try (if it becomes necessary). I will report whether it succeded (or not). :)


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