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New slur/tie behaviour

From: Walter Hofmeister
Subject: New slur/tie behaviour
Date: Tue, 30 Aug 2005 20:36:33 -0600
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Hi All,
    I just type-set a piece using version 2.7.7 and this piece also had some
ties in it. In this example I thought the new behavior was a bit odd as I
have two ties in a row but they are longer note values and should they not
appear at the same level? I noticed that the change-log gives an example of
this new feature but the first note is tied to a very short note followed by
a longer one. In this example having the two ties at a slightly different
height seems to look OK but as the notes are spread out more (longer note
values), it looks more odd.
    Any differing opinions? Here is my example:


\version "2.7.7"

     melody = \relative c'' {
     \clef treble
     \key a \minor
    \time 3/4
    e2 d4
    c8 a4. ~ a4
    c2 d4
    c8 a4. ~ a4 ~
\score {
    \context Staff = one \melody
    \layout{ }
    \midi { \tempo 4=60}


Thanks for your response.

Walter Hofmeister

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