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RE: Three Questions

From: Nahum Wengrov
Subject: RE: Three Questions
Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2006 14:38:18 +0200

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From: Mats Bengtsson [mailto:address@hidden 
Sent: Tuesday, January 10, 2006 21:40
To: Nahum Wengrov
Cc: 'Lilypond Mailing List'
Subject: Re: Three Questions

Mats Bengtsson Wrote:
>Please always tell what LilyPond version you are using, to
>be sure to get relevant answers.

I'm using 2.6.5.

>>I have three questions.
>>1) Can I hide, from the pdf output, the time signature at the beginning 
>>of a score? (I've done the 2nd line of notes as a separate score, 
>>because it has an additional Voice & Lyrics staff not existing in the 
>>the 1st line.) Alternatively, can I have the 1st line of notes in a 
>>score having only Piano staves, and the following lines with an 
>>additional Voice & Lyrics staff, in the same score?
>Read Section "8.3.2 Hiding staves" and don't forget about
>the remove-first option. Lyrics work this way by default.

Thanks, I already got an answer here to this question. I used " \context {
\Staff \remove Time_signature_engraver }" in my \layout statement.

>>2) How can I add parentheses around notes? (Look at the scanned image 
>>-- link below -- to see what I mean. It's the two connected 16ths at 
>>the end of the 2nd line, the 1st one with lyrics.)
>Well, sort of. See the example called "" in the 
>Regression Test document. If you search the mailing list archives, 
>you may find more information.

Where can I find the Regression Test Document, and the Mailing List

>>3) How do I coax Lilypond into displaying the extra word "There" at the 
>>end of the 2nd (middle) Lyrics line of that same music line? The Voice 
>>staff has a polyphony, i.e. an 8th rest on top and two connected 16ths 
>You mean that you want two syllables to be associated with
>a single note. Just write them within double quotes, "two words" 
>or exploit the fact that an underscore is treated as a space: two_words.

No, I don't mean that. I want the last note to be assosiated with a rest,
that has notes beneath it in polyphony.

>>You can look at a scanned image of the Original Score at 
>>oject ID432e074b4d781&imagefile=066.png.
>>You can look at the part of it I so far managed to put into .ly at 
>>=proj ectID432e074b4d781&image=066.png&round_num=3 
>It seems that some kind of ID and password is necessary.

Oops. Sorry about that. I'll be posting both the .png and the .ly files to
my website then.

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