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Re: Feature request - jazz / bigband notation and caesurae

From: Anthony W. Youngman
Subject: Re: Feature request - jazz / bigband notation and caesurae
Date: Tue, 23 May 2006 00:59:29 +0100
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In message <address@hidden>, Han-Wen Nienhuys <address@hidden> writes
address@hidden schreef:
Seeing as I've made enough of a fuss about other things ...
I've seen somebody else ask about modern "tram-line" caesurae, and I want things like a free-format gliss ... What sort of price am I looking at to sponsor these - I guess it's just a new character in a font?
 Basically the four things I can think of at the moment are
 1) tram-line caesurae

Basically, the straight version of the tram-line we have now? I can add those for free with any of the following features.

Yes please. Seeing as this is a modern caesura, I would suggest you alter the definition of the gregorian caesura to override the modern, and make the modern available by default. That way, it won't break any existing scores, but will give new scores the modern version by default.

2/3) straight-line and zigzag glisses WITHOUT a terminating note

You could make a gliss to a transparent note.

But  I can also add it as feature. Price: 130 EUR.

Ummm. Thinking about it, I'm not sure... I looked up hidden notes in the manual, and I'm not still not sure how to do it. Hidden notes have a duration, and what happens if I'm in 2/4 and want to gliss down a minim...

Bear in mind also, it's jazz, and I'm a trombonist. What if I want to gliss *slowly* UP TO a minim? That's going to be a nightmare notation!!! I need my minim right-justified in the "note space" and the gliss occupies the minim-width.

You had a problem with terminating one-note crescendi etc. I thought you had zero-length notes and then I tried it - it doesn't work :-) Can I suggest you fix both that problem and mine by making 0 a valid note length that also suppresses the note from printing. Then I can gliss from/to a zero length note, and your cresc/descresc can terminate on a zero note :-)

Plus I need to be able to flag a note as right-justified so I can gliss to it :-)

4) not sure what it's called, but it looks like a right parenthesis hanging from the note head, usually seen for trombones and trumpets, and again is a form of gliss.

I think this is called a "fall." Price: 65 EUR; I will need some scans to be sure that we're talking about the same thing, though.

I've found some printed and hand-written examples. I'll scan them as soon as I can, but expect a few days delay...

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