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Re: uniform-stretching

From: Han-Wen Nienhuys
Subject: Re: uniform-stretching
Date: Tue, 05 Dec 2006 16:13:31 +0100
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Trevor Bača escreveu:
> (As an observational aside, there seems to be a special class of
> wildly difficult off-by-one difficulties in music notation. Take the
> example of needing to \override PaperColumn #'used = ##t which we
> discovered yesterday incrementally getting your example to work. On
> the face of it, it seems utterly bizarre that some "abstract grob"
> setting like PaperColumn should be necessary to make measure-initial
> skips obey proportional spacing. But when I was thinking about
> Han-Wen's explanation of uniform-stretching it all suddenly made
> sense: uniform-stretching makes distances *AFTER* musical events
> uniform; and what happens at the beginning of a measure? No musical
> event, so nothing to make uniform. Makes sense, but wow.

Yes, this makes sense, but it's actually not a completely correct
explanation.  Normally, space between 2 columns (two left-edges of
notes/rests) is thought to be composed of


space, where FIXED is the size of the symbol, and STRETCHABLE
determines how things scale up for shorter or longer lines.


sets FIXED to 0.0, and refrains from optical tweaks to STRETCHABLE 

un#'used columns are normally thrown out of the spacing problem,
because they distort things.  In this case, they should stay.


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