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Re: more on polyphonic tablature - sharing notes

From: Art Sulger
Subject: Re: more on polyphonic tablature - sharing notes
Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2007 17:17:03 -0400
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I asked how to stop tablature from printing out the finger number twice when a 
note is shared by voice one and voice two. 
I figured out one solution using tags, and here it is. This is measure 22 of 
BWV999, a Lute Prelude and shows the shared notes in standard notation 
without the duplication  in the tab. I've kept in the guitar fingering, 
although it isn't germane to this. I'm using the framework from the previous 
polyphonic tab discussion.

\version "2.10.0"
uI = {
r16^\markup {IX} <e'\3>  <gis'\2> <d''\1_2>      gis'\2 e'\3 gis'\2 e'\3     
b\4 e'\3 gis\5 e'\3 |

dI = {
% 'bassnotes is used in standard score, 'restnotes is used in tab:
e,4 \tag #'bassnotes { r4 <b\4_1>8 <gis\5-3>8 } \tag #'restnotes {s4 s8 s8} |

Notation = \simultaneous { %% Combine both parts for notation
 \time 3/4
 \clef "G_8"
 \key d \minor
 << \context Voice=VoiceA \uI >>
 % the following filters out notes tagged 'restnotes from voice dI:
 << \context Voice=VoiceB \keepWithTag #'bassnotes \dI >>

Tablature = \simultaneous { %% Combine both parts for Tablature
 \time 3/4
 \override TabStaff.Stem #'transparent = ##t %% Makes stems transparent
 \override TabStaff.Beam #'transparent = ##t %% Makes beams transparent
 << \context TabVoice=TabVoiceA \uI >>
 % the following filters out bassnotes:
 << \context TabVoice=TabVoiceB \keepWithTag #'restnotes \dI >>

\score {
 \context StaffGroup {
   \simultaneous {
     << \context Staff=FullNotation \Notation >>
     << \context TabStaff=FullTab \Tablature >>

Hope someone else finds this useful.

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