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Lyric Ties (desperate)

From: Aaron Dalton
Subject: Lyric Ties (desperate)
Date: Sun, 01 Apr 2007 11:02:01 -0600
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I am preparing a series of typeset manuscripts for both formal
publication and my thesis.  I cannot do this until I figure out how to
typeset lyric ties (http://huge-url/#Entering-lyrics).  The problem, as
the documentation states, is that you need a font that correctly encodes
U+203F.  What the documentation does not tell me is the following:

1) Is there a font included in the Lilypond package that does include
this character?

2) If not, where exactly can I obtain such a font (such as the stated
DejaVuLGC), or how would I even begin a hunt for such a font?

3) Once found, how do I install this font in the Lilypond hierarchy so
that it is detected by the binary?

4) And finally, how to I tell Lilypond to use a particular font for all
lyrics in an .ly file?

The list archives simply turn up an exchange a long time back where
PersonX asked the question, PersonY told him to install DejaVuLGC, and
PersonX then said, Thanks!  I've tried to contact PersonX and PersonY
but have not received responses or bounce messages.  I am desperate to
get this working.  I do *not* want to re-typeset all this music in some
lame-trash software like Finale.

I am indeed using v2.10.x.  I normally use the FreeBSD package but also
use it on Windows.  (My Cygwin install segfaults though, btw.)  I
sincerely appreciate any guidance anyone can give me in solving this

Many thanks,
Aaron Dalton
University of Calgary

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