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Re: Lyric Ties (desperate)

From: Aaron Dalton
Subject: Re: Lyric Ties (desperate)
Date: Mon, 02 Apr 2007 15:43:31 -0600
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Aaron Dalton wrote:
> I am preparing a series of typeset manuscripts for both formal
> publication and my thesis.  I cannot do this until I figure out how to
> typeset lyric ties (http://huge-url/#Entering-lyrics).  The problem, as
> the documentation states, is that you need a font that correctly encodes
> U+203F.  What the documentation does not tell me is the following:
> 1) Is there a font included in the Lilypond package that does include
> this character?
> 2) If not, where exactly can I obtain such a font (such as the stated
> DejaVuLGC), or how would I even begin a hunt for such a font?
> 3) Once found, how do I install this font in the Lilypond hierarchy so
> that it is detected by the binary?
> 4) And finally, how to I tell Lilypond to use a particular font for all
> lyrics in an .ly file?
> The list archives simply turn up an exchange a long time back where
> PersonX asked the question, PersonY told him to install DejaVuLGC, and
> PersonX then said, Thanks!  I've tried to contact PersonX and PersonY
> but have not received responses or bounce messages.  I am desperate to
> get this working.  I do *not* want to re-typeset all this music in some
> lame-trash software like Finale.
> I am indeed using v2.10.x.  I normally use the FreeBSD package but also
> use it on Windows.  (My Cygwin install segfaults though, btw.)  I
> sincerely appreciate any guidance anyone can give me in solving this
> problem.
> Many thanks,

Here's a snippet to work with.

\version "2.10.0"
\relative c'{ \time 4/4 r4 f4 e d | c2 c | }
{ Buon gior -- no~al mon -- do. }

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address@hidden   |

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