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Re: Copyright symbol

From: Father Gordon Gilbert
Subject: Re: Copyright symbol
Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2008 12:30:29 -0500

Bonjour, Valentin,

Yes, here is my file.  I don't mind people seeing it (not my composition, and the composer is personally to me -- I simply Lilyponded his melody; words are public domain).  Melody *is* copyright, and for use, you need to contact me.

Copyright symbol goes in the \header section.  Currently, I have (c) in its place -- I would rather have © -- esthetics only.

%%%% %%%%
\paper {#(set-paper-size "letter")
    between-system-padding = #1
\layout {
    line-width = 180 \mm
\version "2.11.32"
    filename = ""
    enteredby = "Gordon Gilbert"
    title = "Rise Up O Men of God"
    subtitle = "Ancient Prayer"
    composer = "Fr. Peter Donatelli, 2008"
    poet = "Rev. W.P Merrill, 1909"
%%%% Copyright symbol should go in the next line %%%%
    copyright = "words: Public Domain; Music (c) 2008, Fr. Peter Donatelli"
    maintainer = "Gordon Gilbert"
    maintainerEmail = " address@hidden"
    lastupdated = "2008/Jan/14"

melody =  {
 #(set-global-staff-size 22)
\override Staff.VerticalAxisGroup #'minimum-Y-extent = #'(-4 . 4)
\time 4/4 \key g \major

    a'4 a'8 a' g'4 e'8( g') a'2.
    a'8( b') c''( b') a'( g') e'4 g' a'2.
    g'4 fis' e'8( d') e'4 fis' g' g' a'
    g' e' g' g' fis' g'2.
    g'4 ^\markup{ \large \italic Refrain }
    b'4. b'8 d''( c'') b'( a') g'2.
    g'4 c''4. c''8 e''( d'') c''( b') a'2.
    a'4 b'8 a' g' fis'e'4 g' a'2.
    g'4 d' g' g' fis'
    \bar "||"

text = \lyricmode {
    Rise up, O men of God!
    Have done with les -- ser things;
    Give heart and soul and mind and strength
    To serve the King of kings.

textVerseTwo = \lyricmode {
    Rise up, O men of God!
    His King -- dom tar -- ries long;
    Bring in the day of bro -- ther -- hood
    And end the night of wrong.
    Lift high the Cross of Christ!
    Tread where His feet have trod,
    As bro -- thers of the Son of Man,
    Rise up, O men of God!

textVerseThree = \lyricmode {
    Rise up, O men of God!
    The Church for you doth wait:
    Her strength un -- e -- qual to her task;
    Rise up, and make her great!

textVerseFour = \lyricmode {

accompaniment = \chordmode {
    a2:m e:m a1:m
    c2 e:m a:m a:m7
    b:m c4 d e2:m a:m7
    c d4:sus4 d g1
    g2 d:/fis e:m e:m/d
    c a:m7 d:sus4 d
    e:m c a:sus2 a:7
    d:sus d4:7sus4 d:7

\score {
    \context ChordNames \accompaniment
    \context Voice = "one" {
    \lyricsto "one" \new Lyrics  \text
    \lyricsto "one" \new Lyrics \textVerseTwo
    \lyricsto "one" \new Lyrics \textVerseThree
    %\lyricsto "one" \new Lyrics \textVerseFour
  \layout { }
  \midi  {
  \context {
      tempoWholesPerMinute = #(ly:make-moment 120 4)

Hope that will help,



Fr. Gordon Gilbert
Penetanguishene, ON
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