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Re: lilypondtool for linux

From: Nicholas WASTELL
Subject: Re: lilypondtool for linux
Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2008 14:47:16 +0100

On Thu, 13 Mar 2008 09:43:52 -0300
Hugo Ribeiro <address@hidden> wrote:

> ... but there is no such option (lilypondtool) in 
> plugin manager of version 4.3pre12.

Start by installing one of the earlier versions of jEdit -- I used pre9, but it 
probably works the same for pre11.

In the Plugin Manager window, select 'Download Options' button; make sure that 
'Install plugins in:' option is set to 'jEdit settings directory'.  Click 'OK' 
to go back to the Plugin Manager.  Install lilypondtool from the jEdit Plugin 
Manager.  There will be some errors, but they can be ignored for the moment.

Now install jEdit 4.3pre12 in the same target directory as for pre9 (or 
whichever version you installed before).  Do not start jEdit yet.

Rename the old version of lilypondtool at ~/.jedit/jars/LilyPondTool.jar to 
~/.jedit/jars/LilyPondTool.jar.2-10-4 and copy the new version of 
LilyPondTool.jar (v2.10.5) to ~/.jedit/jars/LilyPondTool.jar

Now start jEdit (look at the jEdit splash screen to see that v4.3pre12 is the 
version starting).  There will be some errors while loading the plugins.  Go to 
the Plugin Manager and select the 'Update' tag.  Select all available updates 
and click 'Install'.

When the updates have loaded, it may be necessary to install other missing 
plugins, in case you have another error message.  (We seem to bypass some of 
the dependency checks by cheating with the installation of jEdit.)

Restart jEdit and it should work properly, with no errors at start-up.  I am 
running jEdit on Ubuntu 7.10 and there are some features of lilypondtool that 
don't work, but most things that I need are okay.  You will need to go into the 
lilypondtool options to change some path and command settings for Linux.

I already had a working installation of jEdit 4.3pre9, so I may have missed 
something in my instructions here. ;-)

Nicholas WASTELL

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