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Re: *.mid vs *.midi

From: Karl Hammar
Subject: Re: *.mid vs *.midi
Date: Thu, 15 May 2008 12:26:31 +0200 (CEST)

> Karl Hammar wrote:
> > 
> > change the .midi to .mid, and you should get what you want (though I
> > have not tested it).
> > 
> Thanks Karl, this looks promising but does not work.  There is a TODO at the
> top of the file stating:
> ";; this is broken: we should not ever export variables from Scheme."
> It is not clear what this is referring to, but the implication is that the
> whole file is broken.  I then assume that setting the .midi extension must
> be done some other place (?).

Too bad. As Valentin said in his response, you probably have to search 
for the file (you have to check out the sources for that).
It contains:

Performance::write_output (string out) const
  if (out == "-")
    out = "lelie.midi";

  /* Maybe a bit crude, but we had this before */
  File_name file_name (out);
  file_name.ext_ = "midi";
  out = file_name.to_string ();

  Midi_stream midi_stream (out);
  message (_f ("MIDI output to `%s'...", out));

  output (midi_stream);
  progress_indication ("\n");

Perhaps you have better luck if you change the "midi" to "mid" 
and recompile.

Otherwise it might be simpler to just make a .bat file (you are on
MS-Windows?). Something along the lines (which I also have not tested):

c:\ $ type lily.bat
lilypond $1
move $1.midi $1.mid

and run it like "lily filename_whithout_the_ly_extesion".


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