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Re: Converting lilypond to music xml

From: Johan Vromans
Subject: Re: Converting lilypond to music xml
Date: 25 Aug 2008 08:56:40 +0200
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Alastair Irving <address@hidden> writes:

> I'd be very surprised if this hasn't been asked before, but searches
> of the archives haven't turned up anything useful.  Is there any way
> of converting lilypond files into music xml?  If not, are there any
> plans for such a tool?
> I use software to convert music into Braille, and it only accepts
> input in xml.  Currently, my only method is to do OCR on the pdf
> output and then correct any errors, which seems rather ludicrous.

Would the following be an acceptable workaround (for the time being):

 - produce MIDI with LilyPond
 - use Rosegarden to import the MIDI, and export MusicXML

It's probably not perfect, but may be easier and give better reults
than OCRing the PDF...

-- Johan
   Chord is alive!

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