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Re: editor for windows

From: Ledocq
Subject: Re: editor for windows
Date: Sat, 13 Sep 2008 13:47:06 +0100
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I have no experience of others editor than the one ...delivered with windows, and Jedit which I find very fine together with plugin lilypond-tool (see below)
I believe Java runtime must be also installed.

A plugin (lilypond-tool) can be added to jedit for dipslaying the pdf output whitout having to cut and paste to lilypond.exe. It comprises also pre encoded functions making it easy for editing codes, and pre-encoded score templates.

Another interesting download for win OS is Easy Lilypond at

combinig in one package Lilypond+Jedit+Java+Lilypond-Tool runtime (prepared by Valentin Villenave)

Hope this helps!

Have much fun


Lewis Overton a écrit :
I use a Mac and an external editor ... BUT ... I have a friend with a Windows system. He asked me to recommend an editor to use with Lilypond files. Any recommendations?


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