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Re: editor for windows

From: Dmytro O. Redchuk
Subject: Re: editor for windows
Date: Mon, 15 Sep 2008 17:19:59 +0300

2008/9/15 Bertalan Fodor <address@hidden>:
> And how do you create templates in Notepad++? :-)
> To create you own templates in jEdit (with LilyPondTool), put your
> templates to ~/.jedit/templates

:-) I'm not using Notepad++ under Linux.

> Then you can see them in the Template tree (open it with
> Plugins>Templates>Templates tree)

Thanks, I'll try :-)

I mean I use vim under linux and quite happy with it.

And I tried to show how to use lilypond under windows
and used Notepad++ for this purpose because could not find how to
create templates
for JEdit under Windows in some 5 minutes or so.

So, I provided those people with my own "templates" "for Notepad++".

Thanks, I'll try :-)

Because LilypondTool/JEdit is "a bit more GUIish".

> Bert

Dmytro O. Redchuk

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