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Re: Just chords and lyrics.

From: Jonathan Kulp
Subject: Re: Just chords and lyrics.
Date: Wed, 26 Nov 2008 22:29:08 -0600
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Brett Duncan wrote:
Jonathan Kulp wrote:

Yes, this works, but it only confirms my belief that someone who wants this really would be better off with a word processor or GuitarTeX. The spacing looks awful without a staff, not at all the sort of thing you normally see in a songbook of this type. (If the staff is present, at least the spacing makes sense because you can see where the words are supposed to fall inside the measures.) The output of GuitarTeX looks exactly like a lyrics/chordnames songsheet is supposed to look, so I would recommend pointing people to that instead of trying to make Lilypond do it. Maybe we should put an example in the docs anyway, though. I suppose at the very least it would show people how to do it and it wouldn't come up on the list anymore (or we'd have a place to direct them when it did). Maybe we could do one example with a blank staff and one without any staff at all?


Sometimes you want this as part of a larger set of outputs, e.g. you are printing out parts for the vocalist, bass, sax AND the guitarist who just wants the lyrics and the chords (because he can't/won't read musical notation). It would obviously be nice to have LP generate this as well as the other required parts, rather than having to re-create work you've already done in another application.

Having said that, the output from the solutions proposed so far is indeed awful. The only way I have found that gives a reasonable output is to add the durations to the lyrics and not use the DevNull approach.


This is certainly a good reason to use Lilypond for it. Do you have a brief example that shows how you do it? Maybe it would be a good one for the documentation. Best,

Jonathan Kulp

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