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Re: Just chords and lyrics.

From: Carl D. Sorensen
Subject: Re: Just chords and lyrics.
Date: Wed, 26 Nov 2008 21:40:17 -0700

On 11/26/08 9:27 PM, "Brett Duncan" <address@hidden> wrote:

> Sometimes you want this as part of a larger set of outputs, e.g. you are
> printing out parts for the vocalist, bass, sax AND the guitarist who
> just wants the lyrics and the chords (because he can't/won't read
> musical notation). It would obviously be nice to have LP generate this
> as well as the other required parts, rather than having to re-create
> work you've already done in another application.
> Having said that, the output from the solutions proposed so far is
> indeed awful. The only way I have found that gives a reasonable output
> is to add the durations to the lyrics and not use the DevNull approach.

I got exactly the same output with the Devnull approach as with the
durations added to the lyrics.

%%%  Sample code, you can try it with Devnull and with durations on lyrics
\version "2.11.64"

myChords = \chordmode {
  c1 g f c

myMelody = {
  c2 c4 c4 |
  c4 c c c |
  c4 c c c |
  c2 c

myLyrics = \lyricmode {
  Hi there let's |
  have fun with this |
  Here we have fun |
  don't we

durationLyrics = \lyricmode{
  Hi2 there4 let's |
  have4 fun with this |
  Here4 we have fun |
  don't2 we

  \new ChordNames {
%   \new Devnull = "myVoice" \myMelody
  \new Lyrics {
%     \lyricsto "myVoice" \myLyrics

%%% End of sample code

I can't see any difference at all in the output of the two approaches.

Are you doing something different?  If so, I'd really like to see it.



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