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Re: Persian musical koron and sori

From: Behnam Rassi
Subject: Re: Persian musical koron and sori
Date: Mon, 02 Feb 2009 17:46:18 -0500

I also hopefully will get some pictures from Iran.
The thickness of the lines have also something to do with its harmony with other music notes. So this is not much of an issue. But the basic shaping has something that should be looked more carefully. But generally speaking it is pretty clear to me. There is apparently some specific notation marks for some specific instruments as well (Taar for example) I'm waiting for the scans to see what's the situation.
On 2-Feb-09, at 4:50 PM, Kees van den Doel wrote:

On 2 Feb 2009, at 20:58, Kees van den Doel wrote:

I have several shelves of Persian music books and I have never
that "variation".
The sori is always a rotated = with an > on it, and the koron
has the '>' body.

That is good to know - I think what you say is best, being
distinguishable (like from an inverted b or some other sharp
There is a small subtlety: the usual sharp # is usually drawn a
slanted (endpoints of vertical bars not exactly level, but
moving up).
I think this may have to do with how the horizontal lines "="
drawn (somewhat slanted upwards). These horizontal lines are
usually drawn fat.

Can you see in your examples how the sori is drawn in these
That is, are vertical line endpoints level,

No, the vertical lines are just as in the normal sharp.

and is the ">" fatter?

Usually not, but they are handwritten. I'll scan in some more examples to compare.


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