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Re: Persian musical koron and sori

From: Kees van den Doel
Subject: Re: Persian musical koron and sori
Date: Mon, 02 Feb 2009 11:58:07 -0800

> > standard fonts I'd have thought if we're only talking two new 
> glyphs.
> Though there are some variations, I think they semantically the 
> same.  
> The variation used by Farhat is for koron like an inverted flat 
> b, but  
> with the loop have the form >, and for the sori, a sharp # but 
> with  
> the horizontal lines changed to a >. A variation can be seen on
> The small koron look like an inverted flat b without shape 
> change, and  
> the large sori uses a largish > with the vertical lines slanted.

I have several shelves of Persian music books and I have never seen that 
The sori is always a rotated = with an > on it, and the koron akways has the 
'>' body.


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