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Re: TAB question -- frescobaldi tab support

From: Grammostola Rosea
Subject: Re: TAB question -- frescobaldi tab support
Date: Fri, 13 Feb 2009 13:55:27 +0100
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Wilbert Berendsen wrote:
Op vrijdag 13 februari 2009, schreef Grammostola Rosea:
When I use a template in Frescobaldi for electric bass it doesn't seems
to work, I get a error message, see below.

Which error message do you get?

GNU LilyPond 2.12.0
Verwerken van `'
Vertolken van muziek...
Voorbewerken van grafische objecten...
Vertolken van muziek...Segmentatiefout
(in Frescobaldi) stopte met status 1)
Besides that, the tablature is placed above the notation by default which is
not how it should be imho.

I'm not experienced with TabStaves, please provide information about how you would like to generate tabstaffs in Frescobaldi (or submit a feature request on, the SVN repo for Frescobaldi).

Should the tab staff be below the notes by default? Then I will change that in Frescobaldi. (Note that it is easy to just swap the staves in the Frescobaldi-
generated template.)

I think we need more people to decide which is the best. I think David and others can help with it, to get nice guitar / bass templates.

I think tablature should be below notation by default.
Tablature shouldn't have beams.



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