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Re: TAB question -- frescobaldi tab support

From: Grammostola Rosea
Subject: Re: TAB question -- frescobaldi tab support
Date: Tue, 17 Feb 2009 23:07:16 +0100
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Daniel Hulme wrote:
On Tue, Feb 17, 2009 at 10:25:19PM +0100, Grammostola Rosea wrote:
My default Debian lenny version, works ok. But how do I install the newest lilypond on Debian testing?
When I install the sh script, it doesn't work properly.
In what way? Please give any error messages.

I think there is a bug here!? Or a fault in the template?
When I comment out this:

%\consists "Instrument_name_engraver"
   %instrumentName = "Electrische bas"

It runs ok.


\version "2.12.2"

\include ""

global = {
 \key g \minor
 \time 4/4

electricBass = \relative c {
 % Muziek volgt hier.
 e,4\4 g\4 a\3 d8\3 c\3 e2\4

\score {
 \new StaffGroup \with
  %\consists "Instrument_name_engraver"
   %instrumentName = "Electrische bas"
   \new Staff \with {
     midiInstrument = "electric bass (finger)"
   } { \clef bass \electricBass }
   \new TabStaff \electricBass
 \layout { }
 \midi {
   \context {
     tempoWholesPerMinute = #(ly:make-moment 100 4)

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