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Re: relative mode occasionally gets forgotten?

From: Chip
Subject: Re: relative mode occasionally gets forgotten?
Date: Thu, 14 May 2009 23:14:27 -0700
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Patrick McCarty wrote:
On Thu, May 14, 2009 at 8:05 PM, Chip <address@hidden> wrote:
Chip wrote:
I've come across this a couple times - when I am inputting a song it all
works fine in \relative mode. I do some editing, some copy/paste from one
part to another, view the resulting pdf and see the octaves are all messed
up. The only way to fix them is to use absolute octave marks in small
sections, usually only a few measures, to get the song to print correctly.
Then for whatever reason, after those few measures the rest of the song is
just fine. This seems to be completely random, has happened in a couple
different songs, in different versions of lilypond.
Has anyone seen this kind of behavior? Just seems rather odd.
I found the problem - I had the \relative c and the \transpose ef f bits
seperated like this -

bari = \transpose f ef {
e4-- e8-- e8-- e4-. r
... stuff
barisax = \relative c' {
 \set Staff.instrumentName = #"Bari Sax"
 \set Staff.shortInstrumentName = #"Bari"
 \clef treble
 << \bari >>       %I've been told I don't need the << >> here in this usage
but without them I get errors

After I moved the \relative c' up to the same line as the \transpose the
octave problems were fixed. It appears that the two have to be together, not
seperated like I had them.

I think this is the issue mentioned in the Known Issues for Chapter
1.1.2 "Transpose" in the Notation Reference.  However, the two
sentences included there are very confusing and should be rewritten to
make the issue more clear.

Yes, I see what you mean. Not sure I understand it myself.

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