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Re: relative mode occasionally gets forgotten?

From: Ian Hulin
Subject: Re: relative mode occasionally gets forgotten?
Date: Fri, 15 May 2009 13:36:48 +0100
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Hi Jon,

>Jonathan Kulp wrote:

>> Chip wrote:


>>> I think this is the issue mentioned in the Known Issues for Chapter
>>> 1.1.2 "Transpose" in the Notation Reference.  However, the two
>>> sentences included there are very confusing and should be rewritten
>>> make the issue more clear.
>>> -Patrick
>> Yes, I see what you mean. Not sure I understand it myself.
>> --
>> Chip
> If someone who understands the issue can send me new wording for this
> passage that makes it clearer, I will make a patch for the docs.

There are two issues
1. The information is in the wrong place
2. It's written in confusing developer-speak.

1. The text should be in section 1.1.2 Transposing after the first example. Put it just before the bit reading "If a part written in C (normal /concert pitch/)"

The text should be changed from

"The relative conversion will not affect \transpose, \chordmode or \relative sections in its argument. To use relative mode within transposed music, an additional \relative must be placed inside \transpose. "


"Note that in the previous example the music supplied as /musicexpr/ uses a \relative command. This is because \transpose does not pick up any \relative settings you may have set up in the outer block containing your \transpose statement. If you use \relative pitches, always code /musicexpr/ as a \relative block when using \transpose"

> Jon



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