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Re: Quit [now definitely O/T]

From: Jan-Peter Voigt
Subject: Re: Quit [now definitely O/T]
Date: Thu, 12 Nov 2009 16:58:15 +0100

Hello Kieren, hello David, hello out there,

I followed this conversation a little bit. Well I have been a quite good C++ coder, but that was about 10 years ago. Right now I am one of those million java developers. For my Job I had to turn to Java, wich I didn't really love. With Java5 it got a lot better. But thats not my point now ;) Nowadays I have to feed my family, so my afforts to get back into music business are very careful ... I came over Lilypond last May, when I had too get some chants in the paper (how do you call it?) of my cousins wedding. I first tried to copy them from the book. But there were ugly black margins, then I started to typeset in Logic Pro, wich I used and liked a long time for music production, but then I found this very pretty piece Lilypond. It took me half an hour to typeset those 4 chants on my Ubuntu machine. From those days on I used it a lot of times to get choral scores more readable, to transpose pieces and, most important, to typeset my own and my familys compositions. Now I am really passionate in talking about Lily. It feels so good, when there is such a nice Score to view after typing a few characters.

So my question would be, is there a guide to the sources? Are there key principals in the architecture? If there is a chance to get into this next to my job, I would really like to give Lily somthing!


Am 12.11.2009 um 15:42 schrieb Kieren MacMillan:

Hi David,

The best programmers are often programmers that are into programming for
the sake of programming.  Ask such a person for help with typesetting
music, and Lilypond will be one of the points of attraction for him, and obstacles are disproving his geek state (or the state of what he claimed
to be the best he can deliver).

For many pet projects, the principal programmers are casual users at
best, since they are mostly, well programmers.

Please invite all of these people to the ’Pond...
I can't wait to see/hear the stampede.


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