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Re: install on shared host without root access?

From: Vijith Assar
Subject: Re: install on shared host without root access?
Date: Sat, 3 Jul 2010 06:58:24 +0000 (UTC)
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OK, progress! It was the home directory thing, as HHR suggested.

The half solution, in case anybody else runs into this problem:

I replaced the $wgLilypond variable with just "/" and the error message
changed to "/ is a directory." Then I changed it to "/lilypond/" and was
back to "no such file or directory." So then I started adding "../" to back
up through the directory tree, wherever in it I was -- "../../../lilypond/" 
for $wgLilypond finally got me "is a directory" again, so then I knew the
script I was seeking would be located at "../../../lilypond/lilypond".

The problem is that now even though that script has been found, it's not

The new error messages (with hard line wraps inserted):

./../../lilypond/lilypond: line 4:
/[path to home directory]/wiki/images/tmp/usr/bin/lilypond:
No such file or directory

../../../lilypond/lilypond: line 4:
exec: /[path to home directory]/wiki/images/tmp/usr/bin/lilypond:
cannot execute:
No such file or directory

So we are back to "no such file or directory," but now it's coming from the
Lilypond launch script, not the MediaWiki extension.

The full contents of that four-line script are still the default values:

me=`basename $0`
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH="/lilypond/usr/lib"
exec "/lilypond/usr/bin/$me" "$@"

Now, since my account does not have root access, when I uploaded this 
I moved the launch script into the same folder as /usr/ and /licence/.

So we have:

/lilypond/usr/ [dir]
/lilypond/license/ [dir]
/lilypond/lilypond [script]

Obviously this means those relative URLs are suspect. So I edited the script,
but the strange thing is that no modifications I make to  line 4 have any effect
whatsoever on the error messages, even backing it down to "/" or whatever as I
did before.

One possible culprit is shell access -- as I said, I'm on a super cheap plan
that doesn't allow shell access to the customer, and I'm not sure whether PHP
is allowed to run shell scripts. Maybe I need to upgrade my account, but if that
were the problem, wouldn't the error message be something other than
"no such file" ?

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