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Re: Help needed - missing .pdf file after running lilypond sucessfully.

From: Carl Sorensen
Subject: Re: Help needed - missing .pdf file after running lilypond sucessfully.
Date: Sun, 26 Sep 2010 17:36:28 -0600

On 9/26/10 12:18 PM, "MING TSANG" <address@hidden> wrote:

> Carl,
> I mess up Mark Polesky and Carl Sorensen as Mark Sorensen.  Sorry!

No problem!  I knew what you meant, and I'm not offended.  Now Mark might be
offended by having his name associated with mine... (Just kidding).

> What does it mean "top post in lilypond"?

It means putting your answers at the top of the email to which you are
replying, rather that putting the answers inside the original email, as I am
doing now.

> The following code produce large numbers when using noteHeadOn with number.
> When I copy the same Ez_numbers_engraver and EzNum onto my other .ly file I
> did not get the larger number effect. I have no idea what's wrong.

OK, so the thing to do is to make a simple file to get help.

Make a file with one bar of soprano notes.  Copy Ez_numbers_engraver and
EzNum into that file. See if it gives you large or small note numbers.

If you get small note numbers, then you can send the simple file and ask why
it doesn't work.

If you get large note numbers in the sample file, then you should go back to
the file that isn't working.  Copy that file, then eliminate all but the the
first measure of each voice.  Test again, and make sure that it's not
working.  Then, send us a simple file that doesn't work.  At that point it
will be easy for us to give you help.

The longer the file you send to the list, the less likely you are to get
help on it, because it's hard for us to work through a long file.



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