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Re: anybody understand the instrumentCueName docs?

From: Trevor Daniels
Subject: Re: anybody understand the instrumentCueName docs?
Date: Tue, 5 Oct 2010 10:05:00 +0100

Keith E OHara wrote Tuesday, October 05, 2010 7:18 AM

I cannot find a way to use the documentation examples for cueDuring with instrumentCueName in a real score. I'm thinking of writing up and submitting replacement examples, based on a snippet from the LSR. First I'd like to see if I just missed the point of the existing examples.

1) The third example in "Formatting cue notes" seems to try to create a Voice inside a CueVoice:
   \new CueVoice \with {
     instrumentCueName = "ob."
   } \new Voice {
     \cueDuring #"oboe" #UP { R1 }
     g4. b8 d2
First, the Internals Ref says CueVoice is not supposed to enclose other Contexts

The CueVoice context is just a Voice context with a smaller font size, stem length, etc, so there should be no problem including another Voice within it. But in fact this example does not create a new Voice _within_ the CueVoice - it creates it
in parallel with it, both within a Staff context.  No problem here.

Second, I cannot figure out how to extend this to longer music with more parts. For example, I tried to let a third voice quote a longer sequence of music containing the segment above (attached and cannot see a way to structure the changing voices to allow quoting from anywhere in the sequence.

This is undeniably tricky. I think the problem is that quoting parts only works reliably when the quoted part contains only one voice. There is a warning that only the first voice is selected, but I suspect it may be more serious than that. Moving the \set instrumentCueName into the Voice context, as you suggest, will change the time when the CueVoice context is created and this may be why it then works. But that is not the root cause of the problem, so I would not want to change the documentation until this is
properly understood.


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