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Re: Clarification of Gregorian Chant terminology

From: Karl Hammar
Subject: Re: Clarification of Gregorian Chant terminology
Date: Thu, 30 Dec 2010 19:51:35 +0100 (CET)

> Likewise the term 'Gregorian Square Neume Ligatures', could I for
> instance just call them 'Gregorian Square Neumes' or whatever the
> plural is?

Neums are a kind of strokes as seen in e.g. [1]
A ligature is two or more notes bound together.
Black square notation is seen in e.g. [2].

I don't know what to do with "Gregorian square neume ligatures", it
seems to me as a mixup. Lilypond as of today don't do neums, it only
handles black square and later notation.

If you want references and more help I can give it next week.

/Karl Hammar


Aspö Data
Lilla Aspö 148
S-742 94 Östhammar
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