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Re: strange lilypond errors in 2.15.24

From: Shevek
Subject: Re: strange lilypond errors in 2.15.24
Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2012 16:46:05 -0800 (PST)

Francisco Vila wrote:
> I don't see how can we help if we can not reproduce the error.

The thing is that I've attempted to use process of elimination to identity
the source of the error, to little success. As far as I can tell, there is
no single line or combination of lines that causes the error. For example,
in one project, there are, in addition to a multitude of staves without
chord symbols, three staves (Guitar, Piano, and Bass) that contain
constructs like:
    \new ChordNames = "Guit_chords" \with {
        alignAboveContext = "Guitar"
    } \chordmode {
When I comment out all the lines containing alignAboveContext, the crash
goes away. If I comment out, for example, the Piano and Bass staves, but
leave the Guitar staff with the alignAboveContext lines uncommented, the
crash also goes away. So the problem can't simply be the lines with

Perhaps it's something about the way I was using that construct in multiple
staves? Okay, so I comment out all the other instruments' staves, leaving
just the Guitar, Piano, and Bass, but with alignAboveContext lines
uncommented. The crash goes away. So the crash only occurs when I have at
least two out of three of Guitar, Piano, or Bass, and I also have other

As with the other project I described in the original post, it appears that
somehow Lilypond is choking once a certain amount of musical material is
reached. For example, I tried commenting out everything but Guitar and
Piano, which compiles, and then adding additional instrument staves one by
one. Guitar + Piano + 1 additional staff compiles fine, but Guitar + Piano +
2 additional staves crashes. I notice that the more instruments I add, the
fewer measures into the piece Lilypond gets before crashing.
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