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Re: repeat

From: Xavier Scheuer
Subject: Re: repeat
Date: Wed, 25 Jan 2012 23:06:46 +0100

On 25 January 2012 22:52, James <address@hidden> wrote:
> So someone is going to have to convince me that \bar is bad.

I'll try (but bear in mind that I am not the one who wrote this
recommendation in the NR).  ;-)

> I assume (and there is no explanation so if anyone can enlighten me)
> this is for things like midi?

Yeah, that's one point, the MIDI rendering.

But I think the main argument would be that AFAIK it is *impossible*
to use  \alternative  *without* using  \repeat volta  first.

> Actually I am struggling to think why this would be such a problem.
> I've just set over 2,000 measures of Schubert - 2 Trumpet Parts and
> 1 Clarinet plus some snippets of other instruments - and there are
> lots of repeated sections with a |: .... :|
> To have to use anything but \bar "|:" would be incredibly tedious.

Is  \repeat volta 2  really more tedious than \bar "|:" ?
You'll need to convince me on that one!

\repeat volta 2  (and the appropriate indentation) clearly shows what
are the repeated passages.

Furthermore I guess it should be possible to easily remove the repeats
by removing the  Volta_engraver  (I never tried).  How would you tweak
the  Bar_engraver  to engrave normal bar lines but to replace repeat
bar lines by normal ones?  Maybe possible but not easy, isn't it?

> It didn't cause me any problems and in fact when I used \bar ":|:" when
> it fell at the end of a line break I was happy to see that LP 'did the
> right thing' and printed a :| and a |: on the two lines (at least I am
> sure she did - I'm too tired to check).

Do I need to say that  \repeat volta 2  does that automatically?  :-)


Xavier Scheuer <address@hidden>

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