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Re: repeat

From: Christopher R. Maden
Subject: Re: repeat
Date: Wed, 25 Jan 2012 19:25:46 -0500
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On 01/25/2012 04:52 PM, James wrote:
> So someone is going to have to convince me that \bar is bad.

For the same reason that semantic markup in text is preferred:
<glossterm>semantic markup</glossterm> vs. <bold>semantic markup</bold>.
 You know what you want your text (prose or music) to look like today,
but you may not know what you want it to look like tomorrow.

Let’s say your repeated sequence ends up across a couple of page turns
in the score and the conductor complains.  If you are using \repeat, you
can slap in an \unfoldRepeats pretty easily which will also do the right
thing with alternative endings, and without losing the fact that the
section is a repeat.  Or you can just change \repeat volta to \repeat
unfold in one place.  If you aren’t using \repeat, you would have to
remove your bars and copy and paste the repeated section for every part,
and possibly other complications as well.

And MIDI is a pretty good argument — maybe you don’t intend to share it
with anyone, but I find it a pretty good way to “proofread” a score for
wrong notes.

Chris Maden, text nerd  <URL: >
“Be wary of great leaders.  Hope that there are many, many small
 leaders.” — Pete Seeger

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