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Re: BendSpanner-engraver

From: Marc Hohl
Subject: Re: BendSpanner-engraver
Date: Tue, 13 Sep 2016 08:33:54 +0200
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Hi Harm, hi list,

I did some simple tests and looked through the code in more detail:


The customization features are great! Also, I like the dashed line of the pre-pend-hold use cases.

The dashed line would also be great in cases like those:

c'\3\startBend d'\3\stopBend~ d'\3
% bend up, no release, bent note is tied

c'\3\startBend d'\3\stopBend~ d'\3~ d'\3\startBend c'\3\stopBend
% bend up, bent note is tied, release


In my archives, I found a real-world-example that does not (yet) work:

< g'\3 b'\2 >4\startBend
< a'\3 c''\2 >\stopBend\startBend
< g'\3 b'\2 >2\stopBend

It is not that easy to play on guitar, but the lower string is raised by two semitones, whereas the upper string is raised by one semitone.

I hope to find the source somewhere to provide you a scan of how it should look like.


Another idea/thought/proposal: IIUC, the engraver does not take the string numbers into account. I think this would be a good feature from a user's point of view:

c'\startBend d'\stopBend\startBend c'\stopBend

could then probably be simplified to

c'\3\startBend d'\3 c'\3\stopBend

if the engraver internally takes care of each string seperately.
I don't know how hard an implementation would be, but tied notes on a certain string can be detected automatically, so the dashed "keep this note bent"-line replaces a tied note.
Perhaps the slow-down in the bend::remove-certain-tab-note-heads routine
can be avoided if bend events are handled specifically for certain strings:

< g\3~ b\2~ fis'\1\startBend > < g\3 \b\2 g'\1\stopBend >


I do hope my feedback does not sound too negative, this is a huge amount of work you have done for us guitar players! Thanks a lot!



Am 11.09.2016 um 18:36 schrieb Marc Hohl:
Hi Harm,

I did not have much time to fully test it, but wow.
This is awesome! Kudos to you!

I'll give a more detailed report after some tests, but this may take a



Am 11.09.2016 um 11:53 schrieb Thomas Morley:
Hi all,

as result of my private None-Google-Summer-of-Code, I'd like to
announce a BendSpanner-engraver.

It's based on our from the reg-test and the
fabulous work of Marc Hohl and his bend.ily
Thanks, to Stephen MacNeil who provided a couple of images from
printed editions.

A new grob, BendSpanner, is defined. Line-breaks, skylining, dashed
line for 'pre-bend-hold and a lot more work out of the box.
It's highly customizable. In the demo some possibilities are
demonstrated. More in the test-files.
Currently it works only for TabStaff, coding something for
default-Staff/Voice is on the TODO-list.

Though, currently it's pretty slow in compilation. The reason for this
is the feature not to bend open strings and to ex- or include notes to
more precisley it's the definiton for

Not sure how to improve this, any hint is highly appreciated.

Ofcourse this is the first time the code is made public.
I expect several not yet noticed bugs or missing features.

Please report back.


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