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Re: Problem with german umlauts and with mapping text to notes

From: Lukas-Fabian Moser
Subject: Re: Problem with german umlauts and with mapping text to notes
Date: Sun, 13 Jan 2019 15:01:47 +0100
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Hi Klaus,

Am 13.01.19 um 13:42 schrieb Klaus Ethgen:
- First there is the German umlauts. As you can see in the example, it
   is correct encoded in UTF-8 but the umlauts are encoded as "??".
   I did already try to use no bomb or even in latin1 encoding. But
   nothing helped.

This is strange, because I can't reproduce the problem here. On my (Linux Mint) machine, the German umlauts are displayed fine without any change in your document.

- The second problem is about aligning the text with the notes. As you
   can see, it never get aligned correctly. I put it in the file in two
   versions. The first is without any hint and the second is with all
   hints. None of them has the proper aligning (Starting with "Roter"
   over two notes, then "Mond" over one and the next note without text.
   After that, "überm" over two notes and "Silbersee" over three and so

Here I can help: First of all, only your second version can be expected to work at all (ro -- ter) because otherwise Lilypond has no way of guessing which part of a word is a "syllable".

What's missing is the link between the 'voice' (containing the actual notes) and the lyrics line. There are various ways:

- Immediately after the music, you can write \addlyrics:

 \new Staff { \relative {   a4 a | a2( | a4) h8 c }
\addlyrics { Ro -- ter Mond ü -- berm  }}

(This is not the most flexible solution; personally I only use it for very simple or quick'n'dirty scores.)

- Explicitly connecting the lyrics line to the melody:

\new Staff \new Voice = "arbitraryName" { \clef treble \global \relative {
      a4 a | a2( | a4) h8 c | h a g4 | a a a2( | a4) h8 c | h a g4 \break
      \repeat volta 2 { e'4 e | e2( | e4) d8 e | d4. c8 | d4 d8 c | d4 d8 c | a4 a8 g | a2 }
   \new Lyrics \lyricsto "arbitraryName" { Ro -- ter Mond ü -- berm Silbersee, Feuerglut wärmt den kalten Tee. Kiefernwald in der Nacht und noch ist der neue Tag nicht erwacht. }

Note that \lyricsto implicitly starts \lyricmode. (Also I'd recommend writing Mond __ if the note with the syllable "Mond" has a tie.)


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