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Re: vars and multiple scores

From: Rick Kimpel
Subject: Re: vars and multiple scores
Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2019 18:44:30 +0000

>I read the documentation of lilypond and it recommend to define the
>notes in variables and use them afterwards.
>But how is that with multiple scores for setting multiple songs in one
>file/book? I cannot set the vars inside the score, they have to be
>global. But then it is painful to have such a pollution of the global
>What is a better way to do so?

I just make a copy of the file that names the notes, and make
my changes there. Then in all of my lilypond scores, I just #include
that changed file. I use it for a "transposition key" as a note name "tk"
that I can tweak in one location and have it propagate as needed.

>Another think is about transposing. In the example I had before I have
>the cords "a:m g a:m g c g d:m a" But with a->e, the d:m gets
>transposed to a:m but the song only works with a c here.
>I do not know transposing very well, so, is that just a wrong chord in
>the original or is there any trick to get the c from the d:m? If I look
>at the Circle of fifths, I just think, the first assumption is right.

If you are transposing up a fifth, the Dm will become an Am. So
if it sounds wrong, you'll want to check the original source.


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