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From: Mark Probert
Subject: Maxima...
Date: Sat, 19 Jan 2019 07:15:30 +1100

Hi, all.

In the project I'm working on, I've hit a need for a maxima (hooray!). 
Okay, it is -real- music, more pedagogic, but what the heck! It's a 

However, oddly (to me), the standard noteheads support a maxima rest, 
but not a maxima note. To get the notes, I need to slip into the 
Baroque, and there is some oblique reference to this in the 

Personally, I'm not sure why this is so. Any thoughts?

 .. mark.

\version "2.19.82"

chant = \relative c { \clef bass e\maxima r\maxima e\longa r\longa }
verba = \lyricmode { Large Long  }

\score {
  \new Staff <<
    \new Voice = "melody" \chant 
    \new Lyrics = "one" \lyricsto melody \verba 
  \layout { 
    \context {
      \override = #'baroque
      \remove "Time_signature_engraver"
      \remove "Bar_engraver"

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