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Re: Maxima...

From: Mark Probert
Subject: Re: Maxima...
Date: Sun, 20 Jan 2019 09:25:52 +1100

Hi, Harm.

You wrote:
> Well, it _is_ documented, imho
> ...
> Isn't it sufficient for _usage_?
Absolutely. In my haste I missed that last piece. Mea culpa.
Thank you for the correction!

> I'll think about how to improve this...
In the end, this is a trivial issue, so I wouldn't worry
any more about it. There are ways of including maxima, 
there is documentation (if some of us would only read it!),
and there are threads in the archive discussing one minor
oddity. I think you have more important things to do :-)

Kind regards

 .. mark.

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