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Re: Maxima...

From: Mark Probert
Subject: Re: Maxima...
Date: Sat, 19 Jan 2019 12:31:37 +1100

Bockett wrote:
> I'm not sure there is a modern version of a maxima, as there
> is of a breve or a long.  
Sure. According to Groves it was pretty much dead by the end
of the 17th C. 

> Lilypond provides a perfectly reasonable way to notate
> a maxima for any foreseeable purpose.  That should suffice.
It does, as previously noted.

> Be grateful for what you have--it's an amazing package!
> And be grateful to the folk who maintain and extend it.
Agreed. However, being a newbie to this package, when I 
have a problem, or a perceived problem, I can either ask
on this forum or not. My post is about a non-intuitive 
feature--Why the rest and not the note?--that is not clearly
documented ("If you need a maxima/large use Baroque note heads,
there is no maxima notes in the standard set"). 

Thanks for the chat!

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