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RE: [Ltib] Where are the current Freescale BSPs?

From: Stuart Hughes
Subject: RE: [Ltib] Where are the current Freescale BSPs?
Date: Fri, 06 Feb 2009 10:19:33 +0000

Hi Richard,

I can't speak for the whole of Freescale as there's lots of groups, but
I can tell you the bit I know about.

For LTIB I merge out as often as I can, I'd prefer this to be more often
but it's not the only thing I do.  Fundamentally the Savannah CVS is the
same as the internal stuff but with a few less things in

So far as that is intended for
public access, I'll ask why it's not been updated lately.

For the 8xxx platforms the patches are continually fed upstream and so
I'd expect the kernel to include most, if not all of the
patches you mention below (and more).  Again your best bet is to ask on
the kernel mailing list.  My advice would be to grab the latest and and try arch/powerpc/configs/85xx/mpc8572_ds_defconfig
it you run into problems, the kernel mailing list should be able to

Regards, Stuart

On Fri, 2009-02-06 at 07:54 +0100, Richard Cochran wrote:
> Stuart,
> Thanks for your reply.
> > -----Original Message----- From: Stuart Hughes
> > That was the latest kernel the BSP team released (so far as I can see,
> > but please check with Freescale support).  You can't access the CVS
> > server on, that's an internal artifact.
> Is also an artifact?
> It appears to be one year out of date.
> Does the Freescale internal work flow into the public CVS?
> > So far as git goes, I'm looking at moving over once I can resolve a
> > number of logistical issues.
> Yeah!
> > I'm pretty sure that there are later vanilla kernels that
> > can be used for the 8572ds.  Please contact Freescale and/or the
> > Linux kernel mailing list for advice on that.  If you can find out
> > tag for a kernel that works, making a spec file to update this is
> > trivial (I can help you with that).
> Yes, I was anticipating (and I prefer) getting a vanilla kernel
> working, and then tracking the offical kernels myself. But just to get
> started, it can be helpful to have any essential out-of-tree
> patches. For example, at least for v2.6.23, there are Freescale
> patches like this:
> Patch0          : linux-fsl-2.6.2x-E500V2_IEEE754_Interface.patch
> Patch1          : linux-fsl-2.6.2x-E500V2_IEEE754_Math_Emulation.patch
> Patch2          : linux-fsl-2.6.2x-E500V2_IEEE754_Trap.patch
> Patch3                : linux-fsl-2.6.2x-E500V2_IEEE754_Fix_Bug.patch
> Patch8                : linux-fsl-2.6.23-MPC8572_PLATFORM_SUPPORT-2.patch
> Patch9                : linux-fsl-2.6.23-MPC8572_DEFCONFIG.patch 
> Patch10               : linux-fsl-2.6.23-MPC8572_PME.patch
> Patch12         : linux-fsl-2.6.23-MPC8572_PME_l7.patch
> Patch13         : linux-fsl-2.6.23-MPC8572_TLU.patch
> Patch14         : linux-fsl-2.6.23-MPC85xx_SMP_FIX.patch
> Patch18               : linux-fsl-2.6.23-MPC8572DS_watchdog.patch
> Patch19               : linux-fsl-2.6.23-MPC8572DS_NAND.patch
> Patch20               : linux-fsl-2.6.23-MPC8572DS_NOR_NAND_dts.patch 
> Patch25               : linux-fsl-2.6.23-MPC8572DS_SEC.patch
> Patch26               : linux-fsl-2.6.23-MPC8572DS_MSI.patch
> Patch29               : linux-fsl-2.6.23-MPC8572DS_suspend_support.patch
> Patch31               : linux-fsl-2.6.23-MPC8572DS_Add_PM_node.patch
> Patch32               : linux-fsl-2.6.23-MPC8572DS_PM_SMP_support.patch
> These appear to be significant, and it is hard for me to tell whether
> they have made it upstream. Anyhow, I will work it out in time...
> Thanks,
> Richard

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